house dressing

house dressing

our house dressing inspired by our famous katsu curry side salad dressing. packed full of flavour with shallots, soy + garlic, this is the perfect dressing for any salad


create the perfect chicken katsu salad by drizzling the wagamama house dressing for a fresh lunchtime favourite

shop wagamama house dressing leftover katsu sauce (only if you have some) chicken breasts panko breadcrumbs flour large egg vegetable oil fresh snow peas cucumber carrot pepper apple lime mixed salad leaves mint coriander (quantities dependent on meal size + preference)


1. cut the chicken breasts in half (like you're cutting a burger bun) 2. place whisked egg, flour, + breadcrumbs into separate bowls 3. dip each piece of chicken in the flour, then the egg + finally the breadcrumbs, ensuring each piece is coated well 4. add oil to a pan + shallow fry your breaded chicken until a lovely golden colour 5. prep veg, adding lime to apple to prevent browning 6. add veg + salad to bowl 7. serve up sliced chicken + toss into salad 8. add dressing to katsu sauce and drizzle over salad 9. + enjoy

or use on a side salad with our iconic chicken katsu curry. click here for recipe

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