nourishing others

The Bread and Butter Thing

we know january can be a tough month for many in the u.k. made even more difficult this year, by the cost of living crisis we are collectively facing. this veganuary, as we say hello to a new year, we also welcome an inspirational new charity partner; The Bread and Butter Thing

set up in 2016, The Bread and Butter Thing brings low-cost food to low-income communities. those in need of support pay a fraction of the cost for food, which is sourced direct from manufacturers and retailers. it has over 40,000 members and redistributes to over 5,000 families a week, who typically pay £7.50 for £35 worth of groceries

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nourishing others

a recent survey conducted by The Bread and Butter Thing, showed the majority of it’s members are finding life a daily struggle due to the cost of living crisis. causing members to reduce social time with loved ones, cut down on essentials and be forced to stop paying bills. with over 80% saying this is having negative physical and mental health consequences

this year, we are supporting in two key ways:

  • financial support going towards providing just over one million meals to The Bread and Butter Thing’s members

  • teaming up to champion The Bread and Butter Thing’s warm hub initiative, we will also be providing warm and inclusive community spaces in selected restaurants

if you are looking for the type of support The Bread and Butter Thing provide, or you would like to support The Bread and Butter Thing by volunteering:

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