one bowl at a time

our earth is demanding action, but where do we begin? we believe in the power of small choices for big change. that individual actions when made collectively add up to create a positive change in our world. filling bellies sits at the heart of our business, so this is where we have started. we know the earth could benefit from us all eating a few more plants so, we’ve made 50% of our menu plant based, to provide you with options of soulful substitutes that don’t compromise on taste



we know choosing plant based might not be everyone’s cup of miso which is why our menu will continue to bring to the bench all protein options, alongside an equally delicious selection of new vegan and vegetarian showstoppers

a bowl of vegan ramen with chopsticks being placed on a table with a wagamama menu

person eating vegetable gyozastable of vegan sidesa table of vegan dishesa table of vegan foodtwo people smiling holding cocktails

the vegan edit

people eating from the vegan menu

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pair of chopsticks holding a piece of chilli squid

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