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powered by PANGAIA

our teams' threads are now brought to you by the industry leading material science company, PANGAIA

pan. derived from the ancient greek pan. meaning all, entire, whole, + gaia. meaning mother earth and land.

known for their innovation + advanced technology, PANGAIA brings together the latest trends in streetwear culture with earth conscious production methods.

PANGAIA's mission is to accelerate an earth-positive future, where their products are better for the planet than if they did not exist. a journey we're excited to join + proud to support.

our new uniform is made from organic cotton. these fibres are grown without toxic pesticides + treated with PPRMINT™, a plant-based peppermint oil that neutralizes + prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria meaning less frequent washing is required.

PANGAIA has gained the coveted b corp status + continues to work on its commitment to reinventing the material landscape with technology + problem-solving styles that are better for people and the planet.

fond out more about PANGAIA's impact here

two people smiling in their wagmama uniform
small choices, big change

positive eating. positive living

positive eating for positive living. it’s our founding philosophy, and is still as staple to wagamama as the noodles we serve in our eating house for the soul.

on the surface, it's a phrase that can mean many things to many people. but to us, it acknowledges that good food is central to a good life.

but positive living takes on a deeper meaning as we make small conscious choices for important environmental change. and it becomes imperative as we move towards an earth positive future.

after transforming our take out packaging to a more sustainable solution, we switched focuses to another key part of the wagamama experience, but this time for our teams. our uniform.

+ there was no better talent to model our new garms than real team members, recruited from all around the u.k who are looking *chef’s kiss*, if we do say so ourselves...

powered by PANGAIA

serving up a fresh new look

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2 wagamama team members in their new uniform
kaizen. that's the philosophy we live by
a wagamama employee wearing a PANGAIA hoodie
fresh new look

closing the (noodle) loop

kaizen. that's the philosophy we live by. everyday making small choices that lead to big, long-term change

setting out to tread as softly as possible, our t-shirts are created to be better for our people, and for the planet too. but it was important that with this change, we considered what to do with our old t-shirts, which is why we are asking every team member to return their retired t-shirts to be recycled by us.

wagamama employee wearing a PANGAIA t-shirt
powered by PANGAIA