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soul by the spoonful

from supper clubs to our collab club, please welcome to the lab, a bowl straight from the soul of supper club star rahel stephanie a.k.a spoons

rahel’s food journey began in london, with a pang for the flavours of home. missing authentic indonesian cuisine, she taught herself how to cook the dishes she loved. then, she brought her favourite flavours to the masses with her now iconic supper club, spoons

vibrant, complex and packed with personality, rahel’s food fills your belly and your cup and her new collab dish is no exception

sambal fried chicken is inspired by ‘ayam geprek’, a dish native to the indonesian island of java. lightly battered chicken coated in garlic + pepper powder. served with mild tomatosambal, vibrant pickled slaw and coconut rice with crispy sesame sprinkle. amai sauce on the side and a chilled turmeric-stained egg

soho, spoons up

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